Dental Sedation: You Can Relax While in Our Care

If you’re nervous about the dentist, you’ve got nothing to worry about with our various dental sedation options at Watterson Family Dentistry in Jackson, MI. Given Dr. Watterson’s:

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  • Years of experience
  • Caring team
  • Use of cutting-edge dental technologies
  • Pursuit of continuing education to learn the latest dental techniques

Still, despite all that, you might feel anxious about your dental procedures. If you do, our dental sedation options offers a great way to relax. We provide a choice of two types, inhaled sedation or oral sedation, one of which will be right for you.

To find out more about our anxiety-free dentistry, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021.

Forget Your Fears With Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Sedation offers many benefits for anxiety-free dentistry.

  • If you’ve experienced past difficulty getting numb or just don’t like needles, it will take the edge off while we administer local anesthesia.
  • If you dislike the noises, smells, and tastes associated with dental care, sedation will make you less aware.
  • Sedation will keep you relaxed so we can complete lengthy procedures.
  • If you’ve got a sensitive gag reflex, it will keep you from gagging.
  • If your teeth are sensitive, it will dull that sensitivity.

Using Inhaled Sedation to Relax You

Inhaled sedation is one of your two options for anxiety-free dentistry at Watterson Family Dentistry. You receive it through an unobtrusive mask you wear over your nose. Most people feel a sense of mild euphoria.

Among its advantages:

  • It is so safe, we can even give it to children.
  • It is easy for us to increase or decrease the amount you receive during your procedure.
  • You’ll return to feeling like yourself within minutes after your procedure. You’ll even be able to drive yourself home.

Soothing Through Oral Sedation Too

We can also give you oral sedation in the form of a prescription medication. Our dentist, Dr. Watterson, is certified through the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) to administer oral sedation. In fact, we’re the only dental practice in Jackson, MI to offer this type of sedation.

We use only medications with long records of safety and minimal side effects. You’ll need to arrange for transportation to and from our office, as you won’t be able to drive for some time after your treatment.

Oral sedation’s advantages include:

  • It offers a deeper level of relaxation than inhaled sedation.
  • You take the pill at home before coming to our office for your procedure. So you’ll arrive already relaxed.

Enjoy the “Watterson Shake,” Other Comforts

Dr. Watterson uses a technique we call the “Watterson Shake” to gently distract patients while administering local anesthesia. The rest of our team is similarly skilled. Our patients often tell us, “I didn’t feel a thing!” In addition, we offer comfort amenities like:

  • TVs and headphones for an added distraction during procedures
  • Neck pillows and blankets to further relax you

For a stress-free dental visit with our dental sedation options, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021. Or use our online form to book an appointment with Dr. Watterson at our Jackson, MI dentist office.

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No matter the level of dental anxiety you have, Watterson Family Dentistry has several sedation options for you. Going to the dentist and undergoing your most needed dental treatment doesn't have to be fearsome anymore. Dr. Watterson and our dental team can help you with our effective sedation options. Read more about our sedation dentistry here: Every member of your family deserves quality dentistry that truly cares. Watterson Family Dentistry in Jackson, MI provides exceptional dentistry with our highly-skilled dentists and caring dental team that uses the latest dental technology. Book a consultation today with Dr. Watterson or Dr. Lekker at (517)-888-0021. Our staff will help you set an appointment right away. Don't miss special promotions, announcements or even tips for your dental health. Like and follow us on the ff social media accounts: