Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants Replace Your Own Tooth Roots

Losing teeth can affect you in many ways. Replacing your missing teeth can help you feel comfortable and confident in your smile, as well as improve your appearance, your speech, and your ability to eat your favorite foods. Dr. Scott Watterson and the dental team at Watterson Family Dentistry understand the huge impact of replacing missing teeth, which is why we offer so many tooth replacement options in our Jackson MI dental office. A popular choice is artificial root replacement or dental implants.

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Dr. Scott Watterson received his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the notable University of Michigan School of Dentistry. On top of that, he also attended several respected institutions to further his skills and techniques in dentistry.


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Artificial Root Replacement Offers Many Benefits

So what’s so great about artificial root replacement? Lots of things!

The many benefits include:

  • Natural look and feel. Dental implants look, feel, and function more like your natural teeth than other tooth replacements.
  • Security. Because they are embedded right in your jaw, your artificial root replacements aren’t going anywhere. No more embarrassing slippage.
  • Preserving healthy teeth. Unlike some other tooth replacements, we don’t need to modify your surrounding teeth for dental implants.
  • Improved oral health. Since they act as artificial tooth roots, dental implants stimulate your jaw much as your real roots do. This means you retain more bone density. And your bite will be strong again, so you can enjoy your favorite meals.
  • Durability. With proper care, you can enjoy your implants for a lifetime.
  • Low maintenance. You won’t need to change your oral hygiene habits. Regular brushing and flossing are all that’s needed, as well as regular checkups at our office.

Dental Implants: Nearly as Good as Your Own Tooth Roots

When Dr. Scott Watterson embeds dental implants into your jawbone, they essentially serve as replacement tooth roots. In place of your tooth, your new artificial root supports a dental restoration of your choice. Because your jawbone grows up around the implant, it provides an incredibly secure foundation for your restoration.

We can replace a single tooth or a whole mouthful of missing teeth. The restorations we can attach to your dental implants include:

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures, full or partial

If your jaw is too thin to support full-size dental implants, we can often use mini dental implants instead.

During the procedure, our dental team at Jackson MI can provide dental sedation to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

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Video: The Advantages of Dental Implants in Replacing Missing Tooth

Missing a tooth is not a hopeless situation at all. A bright, beautiful and complete smile is still possible with Dental Implants. Replace your missing tooth with a material that can be trusted can save your smile today. Watterson Family Dentistry is here to restore that confident smile of yours. Get to know more about our Dental Implants: Every member of your family deserves quality dentistry that truly cares. Watterson Family Dentistry in Jackson, MI provides exceptional dentistry with our highly-skilled dentists and caring dental team that uses the latest dental technology. Book a consultation today with Dr. Watterson or Dr. Lekker at (517)-888-0021. Our staff will help you set an appointment right away. Don't miss special promotions, announcements or even tips for your dental health. Like and follow us on the ff social media accounts: