General Dentistry Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Routine general dentistry services like dental cleanings and dental exams probably bring you to Watterson Family Dentistry in Jackson, MI office more than any other reason. And they’re also the key to good oral health. Our General Dentistry service is exceptional because Dr. Watterson and the dental team are using the latest dental technology for our patient’s convenience.

Dr. Watterson's Passion in General Dentistry Read Transcript

So Dr. Scott Watterson, Dr. Laura Yetter, and the rest of our team in Jackson, MI work hard to make sure we address all of your family’s general dentistry needs! Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned or getting measured for an athletic mouthguard, we take the time to address all your questions and concerns.

Unlike some corporate dentist offices where the emphasis is on upselling you additional services, we simply focus on providing the best care possible.

Dr. Watterson and Dr. Laura Yetter both received their Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees from University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Both of them has years of experience treating dental patients

To visit a dentist who takes the time to ensure general dentistry is done right, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021.

Make Routine Appointments A Habit

Dental cleanings and exams are the foundation of our general dentistry services. So in addition to checking your teeth for cavities, we also screen for conditions like gum disease and oral cancer. And we thoroughly clean your teeth, getting into spots you miss with your brush and floss at home.

In addition to dental cleanings and exams, our general dentistry services at Watterson Family Dentistry include:

  • Athletic Mouthguards. We’ll take impressions of your teeth to fit you, or any athlete in your family, for a custom mouthguard that protects your mouth during sports.
  • Dry mouth treatment. A lack of saliva isn’t just uncomfortable. It also makes your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. We treat the symptoms with prescription products and also provide fluoride treatments to combat decay.
  • Halitosis (bad breath) treatment. We identify the root causes of halitosis and offer products that improve your breath.
  • Gum disease screening and treatment. We take gum disease seriously, as it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. We screen for it during every dental exam.

To schedule a dental exam or other general dentistry services with Dr. Watterson, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021. Or use our online form to make an appointment at our Jackson, MI dentist office.

Video: Dr. Watterson Talks About His Passion in Doing General Dentistry

Look no further for an all-in-one dental office. At Jackson, MI, Watterson Family Dentistry can provide a variety of dental services. Whether it is a gum issue, smile flaw or teeth restoration, you do not have to visit several dentists. More than that, Dr. Watterson and his dental team uses the latest dental technology to treat dental patients efficiently. Every member of your family deserves quality dentistry that truly cares. Watterson Family Dentistry provides exceptional dentistry with our highly-skilled dentists and caring dental team that uses the latest dental technology. Book a consultation today with Dr. Watterson or Dr. Lekker at (517)-888-0021. Our staff will help you set an appointment right away. Don't miss special promotions, announcements or even tips for your dental health. Like and follow us on the ff social media accounts: