Dental Crowns with Same-Day Convenience

Dental crowns and a dental bridge are great for repairing all kinds of dental damage, including breaks, cracks, and severe decay. But while they are versatile, they are not always convenient. The usual process involves wearing a temporary restoration for weeks while you wait for a lab to produce your crown. Dr. Watterson and the dental team of Watterson Family Dentistry in Jackson, MI uses CEREC Technology to avoid a week-long wait for your permanent dental crowns and dental bridge.

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Thanks to our CEREC technology, you can get your dental crown in a single day at our Jackson, MI dental office. Using the high-tech system, Watterson Family Dentistry design and fabricate your custom crown right in our office instead of outsourcing the work to an outside lab.

And if you’ve got a missing tooth, we can make a dental bridge for you using two dental crowns on either side of your lost tooth and “bridging” the gap with a replacement tooth. You can even combine a dental bridge with dental implants for added stability. Dr. Watterson advanced his studies at Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation to expand his knowledge and technique in Dentistry to serve his patients better.

To enjoy the convenience of CEREC technology, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021.

CEREC Simplifies Getting a Dental Crown

Eliminating the weeks-long wait is a big benefit of the CEREC technology we use to create same-day dental crowns. But there are other advantages too, such as:

  • Comfort. We won’t use messy molding material to make impressions of your teeth. Digital impressions make the process quicker, easier, and more comfortable. You’ll probably barely even notice!
  • Durability. We make your same-day dental crown from a single block of sturdy material that should last for many years!
  • Excellent appearance and fit. The CEREC software makes it simple for us to make any adjustments to the appearance or fit of your dental crown. You’ll end up with a restoration that looks, feels, and functions like your own tooth.

We can also use CEREC to create inlays, onlays, and dental veneers. If you need or prefer a traditional dental crown, we can send the specifications to an outside lab.

To get a dental bridge or a dental crown in a single day, call Watterson Family Dentistry at 517-888-0021. Or use our online form to schedule your visit to our Jackson, MI dentist office.

Video: The Role of CEREC Technology in Creating Quality Dental Crowns and Bridges

There is always hope if your teeth have been damaged over the years. Get the restoration you need at Watterson Family Dentistry. We provide crowns and bridges using the latest dental technology, so-called as CEREC. Read this article in the link to know more about out Dental Crowns and Bridges: Every member of your family deserves quality dentistry that truly cares. Watterson Family Dentistry provides exceptional dentistry with our highly-skilled dentists and caring dental team that uses the latest dental technology. Book a consultation today with Dr. Watterson or Dr. Lekker at (517)-888-0021. Our staff will help you set an appointment right away. Don't miss special promotions, announcements or even tips for your dental health. Like and follow us on the ff social media accounts: